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In these trying times STAGING is more important than ever.

Huber Design is here to help you get sold faster and for more money.

With a down market when you want to sell your home quickly the appearance needs to be eye catching to gain the immediate "wow". Potential buyers become interested in a property when they walk in and feel, “I could live here.” They imagine it as their home.

The objective is to have  potential buyers walk in and envision the property as their home. They can see themselves living there. It’s all about creating a space that makes buyers connect emotionally to it.

It is also important to highlight the good features of a house and downplay the features that are not good features. These could be:

  • Undesirable location of the home

  • Uninviting curb appeal

  • No garage

  • Unappealing or no landscaping

  • Small or awkward layout

  • Carpeting rather than hardwood floors

  • Outdated kitchen and bathrooms

  • Small bedrooms

  • Limited ceiling lighting

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